My daughter Natasha was diagnosed with a mild to severe hearing loss at 6 weeks. Shamim was there from the first OAE’s to the ABR tests to the many ‘booth’ tests since – holding our family together through the many challenges in her calm, professional and caring way. She is an expert in her field- cautiously waiting and investigating the very best option in hearing aids as the technology improves. She is a warm, bubbly, positive woman who has a wonderful way with children. Our numerous visits into her hearing booth have always been fun and stress free for Natasha. In the last ten years, Natasha has never moaned about an upcoming visit. In fact, she looks forward to seeing Shamim and the very friendly Pertronella behind the reception desk.
I trust Shamim’s judgement 100% as I know she cares very deeply for my child. Natasha’s progress has been remarkable. She is ‘flying’ through school -both academically and socially. I am so very grateful to Shamim for being part of a special team who have made this amazing outcome possible.

Lynn Weisz
Grateful Mom