What Our Patients Have To Say About Us

My daughter Natasha was diagnosed with a mild to severe hearing loss at 6 weeks. Shamim was there from the first OAE’s to the ABR tests to the many ‘booth’ tests since – holding our family together through the many challenges in her calm, professional and caring way.


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Lynn Weisz


I wish to place on record, that I have been a patient of Shamim Ebrahim for many years.

During which time I have found Shamim to be very friendly, polite, pleasant, courteous and really helpful. I may mention that all my visits and interviews were conducted in a very professional and cordial manner.


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Rashid Ahmed Haffejee


I had my ear damaged by a virus attack and lost all hearing within three hours. There has been damage done to the middle ear. I now have the ability to participate meaningfully in meetings and discussions.


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Leonard Fine

Chartered Accountant