How is hearing assessed ?

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How is a small child’s hearing assessed

We provide diagnostic hearing evaluations for children of all ages and as early as two days after birth.  The age of the child will determine which tests are necessary in order to establish the integrity of the child’s hearing system.

Otoacoustic Emissions

Birth to 5 months of age.

A newborn babies until the age of 5 months is assessed using otoacoustic emission testing. A probe is gently placed into the ear and the machine testing the cochlea’s (organ of hearing) response to sound. It is a quick and painless test that can be done in the ward or as an outpatient and the results are provided immediately.

Visual response audiometry (VRA)

For children aged 5 months-2 years

A child of 5 months or older can typically be conditioned to respond with a head-turn to the presentation of an auditory stimulus.
VRA involves the child sitting on his/her caregiver’s lap with speakers placed on either side of him/her. Next to the speakers are toys that light up/ a television screen.

Conditioned play audiometry

For children 3-5 years of age
In play audiometry, the child is conditioned to pair sounds (‘birdies’) with a set response (e.g.: placing a block in a box).
While one audiologist conducts the actual testing, the other will sit inside the test booth and facilitate the child.

Diagnostic Hearing Testing for Adults

For ages 6 years and upward

A behavioral diagnostic hearing test takes place in a sound-treated booth and comprises of the audiologist presenting different stimuli to an individual to assess their ability to hear. The evaluation takes approximately 30-60 minutes.


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