Are you finding it harder to hear

or understand what others are saying?


Are you turning up the volume

on the television or radio?


Are you concerned about the

impact of your job on your hearing?


Do you have a ringing or other distracting
noise in your ears ?


Do you struggle

with dizziness?

At Shamim Ebrahim Inc, we provide tailored, compassionate, and comprehensive care and can help with:

Hearing health plays a critical part in a child’s development. Hearing problems can lead to delays with their language and speech development as well as problems at school and developing social skills.

Treating Children’s Hearing Health

If you are concerned about your child’s hearing, talk to your GP about a referral for an audiological assessment, or contact us directly to book an appointment. We provide comprehensive testing for children and adults. We make testing for children as fun and stress-free as possible. Through examining the ear canals and ear drums, assessing ability to hear certain sounds or pitches, or testing speech in loud and quiet environments, we can determine your child’s hearing health and abilities.

Come and see us at Shamim Ebrahim Inc and take control of hearing loss, tinnitus or poorly fitting or programmed hearing aids. We can also help you to protect your hearing from damage.

Make An Appointment

All patients are seen on an appointment basis. Should you wish to make a booking, please contact our receptionists on
(011) 482-5530 and they will assist you in finalizing a suitable date and time.